Get a Customized Local Kart for Kart Kingdom!

Kart Kingdom is the new virtual world on In Kart Kingdom, kids can go on quests and play games to find resources that they can then use to craft Karts.

Since kids love customizing their own Karts in Kart Kingdom, PBS KIDS Digital worked with the 25 stations that hosted Kart Kingdom events to create customized “local Karts.” For example, we designed a Gold Rush Kart for KVIE in Sacramento, CA, and a Corn Kart for WTIU in Bloomington, IN. Kids who attended the local events got a special code that they then entered in the online world in exchange for the local Kart. For instance, by entering “KVIEGOLD” and “WTIUCORN” in the online world, kids got the following Karts:

We will now be designing local Karts for stations that are interested! Fill out this form and we'll work with you to put together your local Kart and add it to Kart Kingdom!

Other cool Karts we designed:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jennifer Chen at Major funding for Kart Kingdom is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Jennifer Chen | Production Associate | PBS KIDS

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