Auto-Localization Launched on

In an effort to enhance stations’ presence on, PBS KIDS Digital launched auto-localization on the homepage, shell sites, and three producer sites that use the new page header: Odd Squad, Peg+Cat, and Plum Landing. When we roll out the new page header later this year, the remaining producer sites on will also begin to have auto-localization. Auto-localization on uses the same algorithm currently used on

It is also important to note that we also launched cross-over localization. Cross-over localization means that if you localize to a station on, that data will carry over when you visit (if you haven’t already localized on

To see the auto-localization pop-up, please make sure you clear your cookies first.

If you would like to change your station’s logo that is currently being featured on, please review the specs in the document found here and submit your station’s logo change request to your Digital rep or

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jennifer Chen at

By Jennifer Chen | Production Associate | PBS KIDS Digital

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