We Regret the Error

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that we have an "edit to add" line in this post about the new members of our Digital Advisory Council.

We neglected in the original post to list the sixth new member of the DAC, Colleen Wilson, KQED's executive director of interactive.

(By "we," we mean Tom. By "neglected," we mean "he forgot to turn a page, because the list spilled over two," and "then he compounded the error by not double-checking.")

We regret the error, and apologize to Colleen.

(By "we regret the error," we mean "Tom can be a real idiot sometimes, and he really needs more adult supervision." My "apologize," we mean "we really apologize, and will buy Colleen lunch when she's next at PBS.")

By Tom Davidson | PBS Digital

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