New Bentomatic: PBS Digital Studios

PBS Digital Studios developed a new and exciting Bentomatic that is now ready for stations to add to their sites. This Bentomatic came out of requests made by stations (like Detroit Public Television) for more easily accessible Digital Studios content on station sites. As many of you are aware, PBS Digital Studios' mission is to leverage PBS' core programing values to present original, thought-provoking shows, while applying a new format tailored to the Internet age. You may have also noticed that PBS Digital Studios recently reached an amazing milestone hitting and now surpassing 100,000,000 views across their network of shows.

This new Bentomatic experience surfaces and plays inline your favorite PBS Digital Studios national shows. This site features automatically updated videos from YouTube which pulls in content from Frankenstein, MD, IDEA CHANNEL, The Art Assignment, Blank on Blank, in addition to other powerhouse PBS Digital Studios productions.

See it in action >>

To get your own PBS Digital Studios Bentomatic page for your station site, contact your SPI rep directly, or email

By Jen Carter | Assistant Director | PBS Digital

**Last updated: 9/5/2014 04:11PM

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