The Art of Analytics: Google Analytics Error Alerts

Some of you may have noticed alerts appearing in the upper right-hand corner of video portal Google Analytics accounts recently. We researched these alerts and concluded they are not affecting your event tracking, or any other data on your video portal.

Because of PBS’ custom analytics tagging infrastructure, Google Analytics is reading some tagging as errors when they are not. There have been no major recent changes to the tagging on your sites, and the handful of sites we checked appear to be tagged properly and receiving the correct data in their accounts. 

The following are the two alerts we’ve seen most frequently. We have and will continue to monitor these alerts on your behalf and keep you updated if our assessment changes.

Bad Event Tracking Code
The Landing Pages report has a (not set) entry. Verify that tracking code for property sends a _trackPageview hit and that it does this before sending any events.

Tracking Code Mismatch
No matching tracking code found for property's default URL, however tracking codes are detected for: UA-XXX. Either fix the tracking code for UA-XXX-2 or update the default URL.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me at if you have any questions regarding alerts in your Google Analytics accounts.

By Kate Alany | Sr. Manager of Digital Analytics | PBS Digital
Kate manages the analytics service for member stations by helping them use analytical tools to better understand and overcome challenges with their digital audience. In her free time, Kate like to analyze all things food and exercise related with the MyFitnessPal app, make memes, and spend time with her newborn daughter.

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