SDPB's Creative Use of the Bento Blogging Tool

South Dakota Public Broadcasting is using the Bento blogging tool in innovative ways. To learn more about their projects, we talked to Brian Gevik, SDPB's online services producer. Read on to see what they are doing, and how you can use Bento's blogging tool in a similar way.

We've used the Bento blogging tool at South Dakota Public Broadcasting since June of 2014. It’s allowed us to get more people involved in publishing online content, which lightens the load for online staff and gives writers and other contributors more autonomy.

Specifically, Bento helps us streamline our press release process. Previously, the person writing the releases had to compose it in an editor, then email the content to an online staffer for posting. The staffer then had to post the entry, manually add a link on a “Press Releases” landing page, and return-email the writer with the URL for distribution.

Now, thanks to the Bento blogging tool, Dr. Ruth Bylander writes SDPB’s Press Releases and can manage the process from start to finish.

“I have found the blog tool very easy to use," Dr. Bylander said. "It allows me to change fonts and sizes to create a style for press releases." 

One of the most appreciated features in the tool is the ability to drop a photo in with the press release. It is an increasingly visual world and photos help sell the story. I am also very happy with the time function that allows me to control when releases go up and when they come off. Editing the releases for changes (or errors) is also simple.

SDBP will be rolling out several new Bento Blog projects in the fall of 2014, so stay tuned for more.

SDPB is also innovating in the mobile app market. Check out their new app that lets you stream video and radio content directly from your phone. See it now >>

By Brian Gevik | Online Services | SDPB

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