Hidden Treasurers of Digital Studios

By now, we're all pretty familiar with PBS Idea Channel and all the Remixed songs from PBS Digital Studios. But PBS Digital Studios is host to a wide variety of digital video series, bot entertaining and informative. Read on to learn about a few of our intern's favorite series, and you may just discover a new favorite yourself.

I like Blank on Blank because it brings viewers interviews by public icons that have been lost over the years. These important messages with modern animation give insight to the stars' experiences and showcases their words as timeless.

It's really important that shows like the Art Assignment exist because, for some people, art defines who they are. This show connects viewers to established artists and then challenges them to complete an art assignment, allowing them to practice their craft.

This series is GREAT! I find that I often use or come across lingo I understand only through repeated exposure to the context of the phrase. This series explains that these words aren't just simply made up but actually have a historic meaning. The host's funny videos are great to understanding the language of the digitally-savvy millennial generation.

Check these videos out and more on the PBS Digital Studios channel on YouTube!

By Joche Angbazo | Station Product and Innovation Intern | PBS Digital
Joche is one of the marketing and communications interns with PBS Digital who manages many of the SPI Team's social media accounts. She is a rising sophomore at the University of Maryland, where she studies marketing. When Joche is not tweeting, pinning, or blogging, she spends a lot of her time window shopping, catching up with shows On Demand, or jamming and jamming out to the radio.