The New Resource Site for Station Leaders

The much-anticipated Station Management Center website recently launched in order to equip station leaders with a wealth of resources and tips. Learn more about this site below from PBS' Strategy and Operations team.

1. Briefly describe the Station Management Center.
The Station Management Center is a website built to share station insight and effective practices across the system. In essence, it’s a place for station leaders to learn from, communicate, and collaborate with one another around some of the most vital issues in public television.

The inspiration for the site was the Public Media Models of the Future report that was published last fall. Following the report, there was a lot of interest from station leaders in building on the findings and developing something that would enable station insight to be shared on an ongoing basis. So with great input and guidance from the Affinity Group Coalition, other station leaders, CPB and APTS, PBS developed the Station Management Center.

2. In your opinion, what are a few of the most useful tools or resources for stations on the site?
The site includes insight into sustainable local service models as well as many resources focused on station strategy and capacity building. The types of supporting resources people can find include case studies, strategic plans, contact information, guides, toolkits, and reports.

There are also extensive resources regarding the FCC’s upcoming spectrum auction and, in the coming months, we will further develop the system and station data section of the site.

3. Who can use the SMC and how do they sign up?
The site launched in May and has been steadily growing in membership from managers across the public television system. Any PBS member station employee can sign up by going to It is best to sign up with your work e-mail address, as it speeds up the process in verifying users. We also recommend that you bookmark the site – the Station Management Center is a private site, so it doesn’t show up in a Google search.

4. What are your future plans for the site?
I was recently brought on board with PBS to take over the day-to-day work on the site and to add features and services. It is a work in progress and we need station input on what works, what doesn’t work and content contributions. Some ideas we have for improvements to the site include opportunities for more collaboration between stations, discussion forums, a blog or newsletter and an increasing amount of content focused on bright spots in the system.

5. Anything else you'd like to share about the SMC?
Mostly, we’d just love to know what other people think and would like to see on the site. Please contact me or Steve Holmes to let us know how we can improve the site and provide resources that help stations become an increasingly valuable part of the local community.

By Megan Paparella | Sr. Manager | PBS Strategy & Operations 
Megan joined PBS in June to help develop the recently-launched Station Management Center website. Megan is a Certified Knowledge Manager and joined PBS from Booz Allen Hamilton where she developed virtual and in-person collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunities for the intelligence community.

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