Bento Nation: OETA Makes the Switch to Bento

In this installment of the Bento Nation series, Samuel Seide, Digital Media Specialist for OETA, reflects on his experience with Bento. Bento Nation is an on-going series featuring pubmedia stations and the many ways they use Bento to meet their Digital needs.

When did you launch your site?
We launched our site end of January this year. Right before our next pledge drive occurred. A major milestone for us here is that:

We nearly tripled our online pledge amounts during our first pledge drive with the Bento site, compared to the same time last year on the Joomla site.

Why did your station choose Bento?
Bento as a platform is quick to work in, easy-to-adapt, and feature rich. With snippets such as the tv scheduler, it provides us with PBS content that enriches our website for our viewers. It also aligns us with PBS national’s Web style.

What are your thoughts on the product? Has this changed since you first started working on it?
I think, from a station standpoint, it’s a better fit than what you could work up using Joomla or Wordpress for your station’s site. It has tools catered specifically to what we need as stations and so much of it works straight out of the box.

What are your favorite features available in Bento now?
I love making smart snippets to roll out items quickly to different pages. I like our TV schedule snippet and the COVE video player as well. I also like being able to set pages ability to go online and offline at certain times so I can have content change even when I’m not here to change it.

What would you like to see from the tool in the coming months?
I would love to see some tools for election coverage. I know we cover all the local elections and I’ll be having to come up with a solution for quickly displaying all that data. Also, the ability to make pledges straight off the homepage would be a huge benefit.

If you could give one piece of advice to stations thinking of a site migration, what would it be?
Make sure whatever you had on your old site, has some sort of similar page on the new site, or you will hear about it from grouchy viewers!

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By Jen Carter | Sr. Associate | PBS Digital