Behind the Screens: Ashley Carufel

Ashley joined PBS Digital in March of 2011after graduating from George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs. Ashley lives in DC, where she can often be found running through the streets training for races, or visiting farmer's markets for fresh food to create new recipes.

1. Describe your role on the PBS Digital team.
I work on PBS Food as our web producer. My responsibilities run the gamut – I manage the day-to-day back-end updates, social media channels, weekly e-newsletter, SEO, and helping our station partners to leverage PBS Food. If you’ve ever worked with PBS Food, we’ve probably talked :)

2. Based on what you know now, if you could go back to your first day at PBS and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Pack your lunch. You get a lot of shame from co-workers when you work on a food site and your lunch isn’t homemade and impressive. The pressure!

3. What’s the one website you can’t go a day without?
Beyond social media websites, it would probably be a tie between Serious Eats and Eater DC. My life is pretty much about food 24/7. By lunchtime, I’ve already figured out what I’m making for dinner that night, and I tend to be very in the loop when it comes to new restaurants popping up in DC.

4. What is your favorite mobile app?
I started running in July 2012, and I’m obsessed with the Nike+ app. It is data heaven is you are a numbers nerd. It is connected to your phone’s GPS to map where you ran. It breaks down your runs by each mile for pace, and you can make notes to remember the weather conditions and how you felt. You can also keep track of how many miles you have ran in each set of shoes. I could go on and on, but if you run- you should USE IT (then friend request me).

5. In your opinion, what are the upcoming digital trends?
Digital is going more toward mobile. We want our experiences to be available immediately and travel with us. I’m looking forward to apps becoming more interconnected with each other and communicate more with desktop as well.

6. What is your favorite social media platform and why?
I change social media obsessions every few months. I was a die-hard Pinterest fan when it was still new for the ability to save content/images I liked as well as keep everything organized. Recently I’m starting to gravitate more toward Instagram because (just like the rest of the world) I can’t resist taking pictures of my food as much as it annoys my other half.

7. Describe the Internet in a word.
When I was little, my family would exclaim, “Look it up!” anytime we were having a discussion and didn’t know the answer to something. Within minutes (even seconds), the Internet can tell you anything you want to know about almost everything. Did the Patriots win last night? Of course we did, but you also can watch the highlights and get all the stats instantly. Only remember a few phrases from that song you heard on the radio? Google can tell you all of the lyrics, who wrote it, and where you can buy it. It’s rare to have a quandary the Internet can’t tell you.