Welcome to Meme Monday

Hello all! My name is Joche Angbazo and I am a sophomore studying marketing at the University of Maryland.  Along with 32 other interns from around the country, I will be participating in the PBS internship program this summer. I was fortunate enough to be placed with the SPI team, and my role includes posting and sharing items on a few of our many social media networks, including blog posts, which is why I created Meme Monday.

If I know anything about the work atmosphere of any office, it’s that Mondays can be a little hard to get through, having just come back from the nice weekend break. My goal with this blog series is to help lighten up the start of the week with a fun post featuring memes, gifs, and videos—really anything that will help bring humor to your day. I will share my opinions, along with the opinions of some of my fellow interns, on a variety of topics I believe will help you at your various locations.

Basically, I want to turn your Mondays from this:

To this:

If you have any comments or suggestions for a topic you want me to cover, I would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to comment below or tweet us @PBSInterns.

Happy Monday!