Best of DEG: Makin' Friends with Ryan Miller

By Brionne Griffin | Marketing Associate | PBS Digital
If their first two hit videos (If PBS Were a Beer and TomGirl Juice Co.) are any indication, Vermont PBS has a knack for producing high-quality web videos with overtones of their signature wit and charm. And this trend only continues with the launch of their latest series, Makin' Friends with Ryan Miller

According to Vermont PBS, this series chronicles Ryan Miller, film composer and lead singer of the band Guster, "as he strives to make 'high functioning weirdo' friends in his newly-adopted state of Vermont."

My favorite thing about this series is how well it captures the joy and excitement we all once felt when we made a new friend in grade school. Making new friends really is a great feeling, and we all need people like Ryan Miller to remind us of that. 

Check out the series trailer now:

And as of yesterday, their first episode is live. Check it out: