Two New Quizzes to Engage Your Audience!

By Michelle Chaplin | Sr. Manager | PBS Digital Online Fundraising

The folks at Prosper created two more quizzes for PBS stations to use on their websites. These quizzes are a great avenue for encouraging engagement and generating prospects, so we want to pass that on to you! 

All you need to do is link to any of the quizzes and replace WXYZ with your station's call letters. Quiz takers will then be asked to provide their name and email address before they see their quiz results (they do have the option to skip this, however).

The names and emails are automatically shared with your station through the Prosper Portal, so your station's portal manager can download the list and add them to your prospect database. The prospect's Lead Source will let you know which quiz they took when they signed up. The following quizzes are now available:

What's Your PBS Personality?

Lead Source: Snap-PBS-Personality-Station

Embed Code: <iframe src="" width="520" height="600" seamless ></iframe>

Wait a Minute … Did That Really Happen?

Lead Source: Snap-Wait-a-Minute-Stations

Embed Code: <iframe src="" width="520" height="700" seamless ></iframe>

Have questions? Reach out to Michelle Chaplin at or 703-739-5260.