Digital Cheat Sheet: 10 Must Read Articles

Each week, Dennis Haarsager, Executive Director & President at Public Television Major Market Group and former PBS Station Digital Advisory Council member, collects the top digital news articles for public media professionals. Save time scouring the web and use his handy list.

Ten worthy recent reads from former DAC member, Dennis Haarsager:

  • OTT TV is consumed by individuals, not households (VOD Professional)
  • Chromecast opens a world of opportunity for mobile in the living room (Video Nuze)
  •  Call me an optimist, but the future of journalism isn't Bleak (The Guardian)
  • What's next for Ultra HD? (GigaOM)
  • Ready to cut the cable TV cord? Here's how to do it. (Forbes)  A good mate to this article is the FCC's helpful "Antennas and digital television guide" (FCC).  Highly recommended to share with your members.
  • Perfecting your hiring process is pointless.  Do this instead (Inc.)
  • Thinking outside the set-top box (Economist)
  • NPR's $10 million digital bet (Digiday)
  • Verizon is said to be near deal to buy Intel's TV service (BloombergNews)