Take and Play: PBS Holiday Playlists

By Taryn Stewart, PBS Digital

Seasons Greetings,

The PBS Digital Programming and Promotions team created four holiday music playlists using Spotify. These playlists are available to all Spotify users, but we also created a fun, festive landing page for them on We will promote these throughout the holiday season on and via social media.

The page was built using smart snippets in Bento, so you can easily embed them on your own sites, if interested. We have two options for using the playlists: either embed the whole page as-is, or pick and choose each playlist as an individual snippet, then customize the page as you choose. We can also provide the image header separately, if requested.

The complete list and names of all the snippets currently available below:

PBS Music Holiday Playlists (All the playlists)

PBS Music Holiday Playlist – Classical Celebrations

PBS Music Holiday Playlist – Holiday Hits

PBS Music Holiday Playlist – Staff Picks

PBS Music Holiday Playlist – Traditional Favorites