Getting Started with Google Authorship

PBS' in-house SEO expert is here to give us her top SEO tips in this bi-weekly series. This week, learn how Google Authorship works and how to set it up for yourself.

By Melanie Phung, PBS Digital SEO

Have you noticed that some Google search results display a byline and headshot of the author?
In addition to creating added visual appeal when these graphic elements are displayed (which leads to higher click-through rates), content by named authors can also benefit from higher rankings in Google. Both of these factors can lead to a huge boost in traffic for your bylined content. Are you interested in getting your articles to show up more prominently in Google’s search results? Then setting up Google Authorship is a must! Go to to learn about how to set up Authorship. And then check out Search Engine Land’s “How to Troubleshoot Google Authorship” flowchart to make sure you’ve set everything up correctly.

How To Troubleshoot Authorship Issues: Step by Step Flowchart
Source: Search Engine Land