3 Things You Need to Know About Twitter and Your Station

By José Fernández, PBS Digital Product Deployment Manager

Twitter TV Tips from the Source
Twitter recently rolled out a new service that curates best practices for its site.  Twitter For Media features a television section with stories and resources, such as how to engage with viewers in real time and use hashtags for TV. This is a free goldmine your station should consider taking advantage of, as many of the tools are easy to implement and reap huge rewards. To get all the latest, follow them on Twitter or sign up for their newsletter.

twitter - What are you doing? Chinen Keiya / CC BY 2.0
Seeing is Believing
A recent study from Chief Media Scientist and MIT professor, Deb Roy found that activity on Twitter could increase TV viewership. Capitalizing on this global phenomenon, NBC Universal, Comcast, and Twitter announced a partnership that will give viewers the ability to change the channel via Twitter, as well as set their DVR. Named See It, this new service launched in November for Xfinity TV customers and plans to open up service to a larger audience in early 2014.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet OpenSourceWay / CC BY-SA 2.0
A Tailored Timeline
With the help of TweetDeck, Twitter's custom timeline feature now gives your station the ability to curate tweets and follow live conversations, such as tweets around a specific TV show or a single Twitter chat. Since these custom timelines are public pages, you can post across all of your channels in order to get maximum exposure. How will you use custom timelines?