Digital Digest: Let Your Voice Be Heard

As we all adjust to the new era of TV viewing, where mobile, computer, and tablet video streaming consumption is at an all-time high, giving consumers total control of what, when, and how they watch, Nielsen also faces a whole new onslaught of challenges. In an effort to measure TV viewers against traditional TV measurements for the 2014-2015 TV season, Nielsen announced its Software Developer Kit (SDK). This kit, available in mid-November, enables measurement on all devices. So let your voice be heard, and your streams be counted.

Want to get your hands on a share of Twitter stock? Well, it's now going to cost you a few more bucks. Days before it's Nov. 8th IPO launch, Twitter rose the price from $23 to $25 a share, making them more expensive than Facebook. This increase came as no surprise to experts who say Twitter found a high demand at its investor roadshow, and if all goes well, Twitter could reach a market capitalization of $13.6 billion.

Facebook is currently testing a new feature that would incorporate auto play video within Facebook's News Feed. Yes, this may be annoying for users who don't want videos bombarding them, but even more anxious are advertisers. If a user accepts autoplay video, then marketers get access to an enormous audience and reach that's akin to a commercial on Super Bowl Sunday. But how does one develop a video that captures attention and encourages interaction in this space? That, my friends, is the golden question of the day.