Digital Digest: The Cable of Yesterday, TV of Tomorrow, Twitter of Today

Hoardes Cutting Cable Cords
In the last three months, 687,000 US cable subscribers canceled their subscription, while 574,000 users signed up for either satellite (DirecTV, Dish Network) or TelCo (AT&T, Verizon) subscriptions. Overall, the pay for TV industry saw a loss of 113,000 members and experienced its worst 12 months ever. But what has the pay-TV operators and programmers still in good spirits? They say it could have been worse, and at least their top line grew by five percent. Nothing like a little job security.

Intel—From Chips to Cable
Did you know Intel will soon join the online TV streaming club? Not only that, but the impending online Pay-TV service may be acquired by European cable operator Liberty Global. So why the shift? Intel has long established itself as the world's largest chipmaker, but hired a former BBC executive in 2011 to move them into the TV world. Intel will not comment on whether they plan to focus their service on live programs, on-demand video, or mobile video. Either way, one thing is certain, Apple TV, Xbox, and Roku will have to prepare for some more competition.

Profiling a Brand Interactor
What compels people to interact with a brand on Twitter? It's simple, right? They're either very frustrated, or very pleased with your product or service. Not so fast, this subspecies of brand responders roaming about the Twitter world is not so easily stereotyped. Alas, the experts at Digiday studied this sect and came up with a list of the seven types of brand responders. By knowing and understanding your most active responders, you can find ways to engage them more frequently.