Best of DEG: Alaska Video Shooter

By Scott Willey, PBS Digital Studios

Slavik Boyechko of Alaska Public Media recently started a behind-the-scenes blog about the making of  their web series "Indie Alaska."

The blog is called Alaska Video Shooter, and topics range from video product reviews and tutorials, to team successes, and even some of his favorite web video series (besides Indie Alaska, of course!)

In a recent post, Behind INDIE ALASKA: Metalheads, Slavik talks about some of the difficulties creating content for the web, including:
  • Dealing with audience criticism in a constructive manner
  • Technology successes and pitfalls
  • How to handle unplanned interviews
  • Transcribing interviews

In another post called, Dream DSLR Backpack Kit he outlines his dream DSLR backpack kit:

We really enjoy reading your blog, Slavik, keep up the great posts!

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