A Pinterest Pocket Guide: The Basics

Pretty Pinterest / MKH Marketing / CC BY 2.0

By Jen Carter, PBS Digital Sr. Associate

To be honest, when I first heard about Pinterest, I was confused on a number of fronts.

First, how does one spell it, what does one do on it, and why do I need another redefinition for a verb to remember? I started surfing the site and after a week or so...I was hooked.

I now have to set a time limit when looking at Pinterest, because you could easily go from checking your feed with your morning coffee, to hearing the microwave start buzzing with the sounds and smells of overheated leftovers.

That said, Pinterest is not just for recipes, workouts, and wedding boards anymore. There are more
businesses than ever pinning, and it makes for an unparalleled marketing and promotion tool for your station. To date, there are about 60 public media stations on Pinterest, and that number is growing.

But how do you know if Pinterest is right for your station? If you haven’t explored this area yet, here is a brief lesson on what Pinterest is exactly.

Pinterest_Board/Bryan Landers/CC BY-SA 2.0
According to the Pinterest for Business section, “Pinterest helps people collect and organize the things they love.”

The experience consists of The Pin Cycle, Beautiful Boards, Simple Discovery and Connecting Interests. But what does it really mean?

All those questions and more will be answered in future installments of this Pinterest miniseries.

So in the meantime, why not create your first Pinterest board and share it with us in the comments below?

Or, if you’re already a pinning pro, show us your best boards.

Happy Pinning!