SPIographies: Kate Alany

Describe your role on the PBS Digital team.
In my role as Sr. Manager, Digital Analytics, I manage our analytics service for stations. I see analytics as an integral part of a digital strategy and our teams aims to equip stations with the knowledge and tools they need to make the most of their analytics. We also provide consulting and custom projects to help meet specific station challenges around analytics and their digital audience.

How will the digital world change over the next few years?
I look forward to seeing how technology will change the simple things we do in our lives and around our homes. I think we’re at very beginning stages of living fully digital lifestyles.

How would you explain Google Analytics in a few sentences to a 10-year-old?
Google Analytics is an online platform that collects and provides data about a website’s traffic including things like how many people visited the site, how many pages they viewed, what they did while on a website and much, much more!

What is the one website you can’t live without?
Google! I search everything!

What book do you think every person needs to read?
There are many but some of my favorites are The Diary of Anne Frank, The Kite Runner, Angela’s Ashes, and The Sweet Life in Paris.

What is your favorite mobile app?
I like MyFitnessPal which track all sorts of things related to food and exercise. I also have a lot of fun meme-ing photos with the Aviary photo editor app.

Describe your perfect weekend. While not an exact itinerary, it would definitely involve a couple of great meals, time with friends and family and discovering some new candy shop or boutique.

If you could have a Google Hangout with any person, who would it be?
Jimmy Fallon. I have a feeling he’d be a lot of fun to hang out with. Plus, he won some bonus points with his recent classroom instruments performance with the Sesame Street gang.

Describe the internet in one word.