PBS Station Digital Advisory Council: Looking for the New Class

By Marla Krueger Bosta, Sr. Associate for PBS Digital

Sure enough, it’s that time of year again. PBS Digital is looking for the new class of PBS Station Digital Advisory Council members. The Council (SDAC) is comprised of key thought leaders within the public television system. Members act as a voice for all stations and work with PBS Digital to ensure that stations' digital needs are met and priorities considered as PBS Digital delivers products and services to the system.

What is the Role of a PBS Station Digital Advisory Council Member?

Digital Advisory Council members actively participate in gathering and exchanging station feedback and assist with general outreach within the system. Feedback and outreach activities might include participating in PBS Digital events, conferences, webinars, or panels.

PBS Digital also seeks council member feedback on draft communications. This could be anything from actively participating on the PBS Digital Station Products & Innovation blog, discussion boards, or online forums such as Open PBS.

How Much Time is Involved?

We know you are very busy! We also greatly value any time you can spare. Digital Advisory Council members participate in monthly meetings with PBS staff members (usually via conference calls) and voice feedback in ongoing threads of station contact and correspondence. Before every meeting, members contribute to the agenda and topic discussions.

Members volunteer for two-year terms on the Council; however, we continue to reach out to Council Alumni for on-going collaboration.

The New Class, But Who is in the Current Class?

The Digital Advisory Council is made up of approximately ten individuals from member stations that represent a cross section of the public broadcasting system. This microcosm of the system includes multiple licensee types, varied station sizes, regional representation, along with liaisons from the Public Television Major Market Group and PBS producing community.

This year alone, the Station Digital Advisory Council has provided key feedback for Digital product rollouts such as the new COVE player, including the mobile and responsive COVE redesigns, on-going Bento input, and contributing to the station direction of PBS Digital Studios.

Council members have also been called upon to serve as liaisons to other councils including the PBS Digital Opportunities Task Force, PBS Digital Entrepreneurs Group, and Public Media Platform.

Sadly, this year we will be saying good-bye to KLRU’s Libby Peterek, WGVU’s Michael Walenta and filling the void left by KPBS’ Nathan Gibbs.

Still Interested in Becoming a Station Digital Advisory Council Member?

To read the Station Digital Advisory Charter and the detailed member responsibilities, visit If you are still interested in applying, please take care and consideration to complete the self-nomination form, and submit the nomination form by 7:00PM ET on Friday, October 11, 2013.

Please contact or reach out to current Council members with any questions about the PBS Station Digital Advisory Council.