PBS Digital Studios Visits WVPB

Five takeaways from the PBS Digital Studios visit to West Virginia Public Broadcasting:

By Lauren Saks, Scott Willey, Danielle Steinberg, and Raymond Schillinger of PBS Digital Studios

The PBS Digital Studios team recently traveled to the West Virginia Public Broadcasting studios in Morgantown to collaborate on web original content and optimize West Virginia Public Broadcasting's YouTube presence. They came away from the experience with many lessons learned and a few nuggets of wisdom to share, including the following:     
  1. West Virginia Public Broadcasting has at least 5 employees named Chuck. This might seem very confusing. We can confirm: it is.

  2. We were blown away by WVPB’s Mountain Stage, a live concert series nationally syndicated on NPR. In addition to managing the broadcast version of the show, WVPB has been uploading artist performance videos to its Youtube channel with increasing success. We’re now working with their digital team to help optimize the channel and the format to further boost exposure and viewer interest. Mountain Stage’s growing online audience proves that making great web content doesn’t require a significant investment in “new” content. Stations often have material with enormous potential for success online in their own backyards.

  3. Each station faces its own set of challenges–structural, legal or financial–that can stand in the
    way of creating smart, agile web video content. Overcoming these obstacles may require a bit of ingenuity and gumption, so resources like the PBS Digital Entrepreneurs Facebook group can and should be a venue for stations to share strategies and ideas with like-minded stakeholders in other markets.

  4. Archives can be an incredible source of content! WVPB has enough concert footage from the past 3 decades to fill a million #ThrowbackThursdays. Now if anybody can just find a working 3/4-inch tape machine…

  5. Morgantown’s space-age, one-of-a-kind Personal Rapid Transit system is one of the coolest things we’ve ever experienced.  
If your station is interested in working with the Digital Studios team, contact your SPI Rep.