NETA: Day 2 Recap

" Singalong with Peter Yarrow and Ethan Borrnick." Photo courtesy of Tim Bischoff

By José Fernández, PBS Digital Product Deployment Manager

Day 2 was a jam-packed day, both for professional development and amazing entertainment! Petter Yarrow of Peter Paul & Mary was here, along with Damian McGinty of Glee and Celtic Thunder, piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick, The Texas Tenors, and many more. Wish you were here?

My colleague at PBS Digital, Tom Davidson, hosted a session under his GM Digital Series that I must admit I skipped. After all, I can get the Cliff Notes when I return to PBS.
I just had to attend the OVEE session where ITVS announced the official release. Several stations and producers have already used the OVEE platform. As a result, the folks over at ITVS have learned a lot and updated the platform with neat new features including YouTube integration and live streaming via Ustream

The second half of the day was just as exciting. I was asked to join CPB on their panel, discussing how CPB programs can help stations in tough times. Of course, I talked about none other than Bento. I touched on the virtual training modules designed to train staff on Bento. I also mentioned how Bento is integrated into COVE and Merlin. And no Bento session would be complete without showing off a few sites: PBS SoCal, WPBT, WMHT American Graduate. Idaho Public Television was also on hand to show off Idaho Exclusives.

How to top this? Let's see what happens in Day 3.