Digital Digest: Into the Stream of Things

By Brionne Griffin, PBS Digital Marketing Associate

This week's Digital Digest is devoted to TV streams in all their glorious forms and functions. Whether it's via Netflix, Roku, or Xbox, find out all the latest updates happening in the wonderful world of internet television.

Market Set to Double: Roku will Rock U
The market for Over-the-Top television streaming boxes is set to double by 2017, as people purchase Rokus and Apple TVs like Pumpkin Spice Lattes in Fall. A report by IHS said the number of these devices will increase by 91 percent from 2012 to 2017 and 125.6 million OTT devices are expected to ship in the next five years. I’m not exactly saying the PBS app has something to do with it, but let’s be real, people do love their local PBS shows and being able to watch them on demand really puts the whip cream and caramel drizzle on top of an already great product.

Wii Would Like to Play
As Xbox grows and offers an even larger menu of media offerings, another video game console quietly slipped into oblivion. According to The Verge, Nintendo Japan announced production of the original Wii console is simply over after reporting “tepid sales” from its latest product release, the Wii U.

Stream Me In: Netflix Surpasses HBO
After a few fruitless endeavors (read: Qwikster), Netflix finally figured out its mission in life: high-quality TV and movie streams. Concerning its paid US subscribers metric, Netflix may have already surpassed its rival, HBO, who has an estimated 28.7 million subscribers. Netflix has an estimated 30 million subscribers. Because Netflix declined to release viewership data, these numbers are not exact, but based on predictions by expert analysts at Needham & Co.