Digital Digest: Changing with the Times

By Brionne Griffin, PBS Digital Marketing Associate

Flickr Power
Flickr, who made a name for itself as the unrivaled treasure trove of high-quality, artistic photos, has stepped up its game yet again by unveiling a new design that makes images appear 25 percent larger. The comments, tags, camera info, and other details will live to the right of the photo--truly letting the content speak for itself.

Is Twitter the New Email?
In an effort to compete with email services, Twitter is removing the privacy gate and allowing people the option of receiving Direct Messages from anyone other tweeter. This will open up the Twitter community to cultivate a more varied network, but always be wary of suspicious messages, and don't fall for spam bots.

Listicles: The Future of Online News?
Have you noticed more and more online articles forgoing the traditional article format in favor of bulleted lists with or without accompanying memes? You have BuzzFeed to thank. Or blame. According to BBC News, given the meteoric rise in popularity of BuzzFeed, other news organizations would be remiss not to follow suit, at least to some extent.