Digital Digest: Big Data

By Brionne Griffin, PBS Digital Marketing Associate

Your digital week in review. In this edition, find out about Google's new AdWords metric, how brands are keeping the hashtag alive, and how log-in data is supplanting third party cookies.

Because log-in data is the most accurate and comprehensive of all, it’s out with the cookies, in with the profiles. With the introduction of Web 3.0, commonly referred to as “The Internet of Things,” all our devices and profiles are being interconnected via the internet. You may already be aware of this trend, especially if you use services like Spotify or even the PBS video portal, where you can register with your existing Facebook or Twitter account. Because of this paradigm shift from third party cookies to social profiles, the powerful third parties and data brokers of yore are replaced by entities who have a direct relationship with users. A relationship built on a log-in.

The New Metric on the Block.
Google announced a new metric this week, called “estimatedcross-device conversions” to prove that their AdWords search promos indeed drive online sales. Say you click an ad in your mobile browser, then return later and purchase that item from your desktop computer or tablet. Well, so long as you are logged into Google, your conversion will be tracked from beginning to end. But don’t worry, Google said the information is processed collectively in order to protect individual identities. Either way, you should be aware of just how much Google knows.

Viva La Hashtag
Fresh off their sixth birthday, hashtags have revolutionized the social media world, leaving posts, photos, and tweets expertly organized in their wake.  As ubiquitous as they are these days, one would wonder if hashtags get lost in all the noise and are therefore not as effective. Nay. Au contraire, hashtags are stronger than ever, especially among brands looking to organize conversations and push campaigns.