Best of DEG: What's that, Buzz?

By Scott Willey, Associate Manager of Digital Video Entrepreneurship in Digital Studios

“What’s that, Buzz,” a show produced by KLRU, tried an interesting engagement strategy this week. They asked viewers to download stock footage and submit their own sound effects. This is a great example of an "Ask" because it encourages the audience to get directly involved with the series.

Every video you make should have an “ask.” In fact, before filming anything, you should know what your “ask” will be. Your “ask” should encourage the viewer to take further action. For instance, you can encourage viewers to go to the micro-site for the web-series in order to get more information about a particular subject. The point of the “ask” is to engage the user beyond just watching the video itself. Think of the “ask” as a question leading to an action that supports your station’s goals.