Art of Analytics: Introducing Usability Testing for Stations!

By Kate Alany, Sr. Manager of Digital Analytics

I’m excited to announce that all stations can now receive usability testing for their websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps!

We recently started working with, a great online tool to achieve quick usability results. Usability testing can give you insights on things like how much time does it take to complete basic tasks? How many mistakes do users make, and are they able to recover? What do users think about the look and feel of a site or app? With answers to these and other questions about the navigation and design on your sites and apps, you can make more effective decisions when building and developing new products.
We think data-driven decisions are better decisions, and we want to make sure you have every opportunity to learn about how people use your digital products. Usability testing is one more way for you to do this, and we’re offering it at no cost to stations!

We’ve already done one project, testing the contribution page on, and gained some great insights on how users navigate to and around the page. This is just one example of a test you can do to help optimize the user experience on your sites and apps.

Feel free to get in touch with your SPI representative or with me directly if you’re interested or have questions!