The Art of Analytics: Dashboards

By Kate Alany, Sr. Manager of Digital Analytics

Thanks to all who attended the "Getting Started with Google Analytics" webinar last week. During the webinar, we received a couple interesting questions about dashboards, so I thought I'd use this week's blog post to provide some resources.

First, what is a dashboard? In Google Analytics, Dashboards give you an overview of how your properties are performing by displaying summaries of different reports as widgets on a single page. With a dashboard, you can monitor many metrics at once, so you can quickly check the health of your accounts or see correlations between different reports. You can create up to 20 dashboards, and each dashboard can contain up to 12 widgets. You are able to pick and choose the widgets on your dashboards based on what data is important to you. (Source: Google Analytics)

For instructions on setting up a Google Analytics dashboard, click over to this guide:

Creating a Dashboard in Google Analytics

To get you started, here are 2 dashboards you can apply to your accounts. Simply click on the links and choose which GA profile you'd like to apply to. The Management Summary is a basic overview, while the Monthly Report is a bit more detailed. You can use these as starter dashboards for reporting or just to play around with and edit as you see fit.

Management Summary Dashboard

Monthly Report Dashboard

Finally, we've been asked about how to create dashboards with data from more than one source. Google Analytics will only let you use data from one GA account in a dashboard, but there are other services out there that can pull from multiple sources. Google lists some paid resources (, but you can check out Sparkwise, which is a free data visualization tool.

As always, please reach out with any questions!