Social Media Spotlight: Promoted Tweets

By Kevin Dando and Natalie Benson, the PBS Social Media team

After our first webinar last month (thank you to all who attended), we wanted to dedicate this post to exploring Twitter’s promoted tweet advertising since we felt this was the topic that fielded the most questions during our Q&A portion.

We’ve been big fans of targeted, paid spends on social media because of the incredibly precise targeting features they offer, while also being relatively low in cost. They also offer you the ability to geo-target your ads to your specific viewing area, eliminating overlap (and maximizing your spend). And as you’ve likely seen in your own Twitter feed, promoted tweets offer the flexibility and ease of creating ads that allow for smart, real-time marketing.

First, you’ll want to check out Twitter’s helpful Promoted Tweets page, explaining what kind of promoted tweets you can buy. Spend some time looking here to see what you can do. This is our go-to resource, and it’s quite thorough.

To sum it all up: promoted tweets allow you to target by keyword, by followers of a specific Twitter handle, and even by device (want to promote only to mobile users – that’s possible). Want to target fans of a specific interest? Women only? Also possible. You just have to decide what level of targeting is appropriate for your tweets.

Another benefit of Twitter ads is you get access to analytics for your overall Twitter account that used to be only accessible to major advertisers. This allows you to not only see how your ads are doing, but how ALL of your tweets are performing. Once you have access to these analytics, you’ll find yourself checking them all the time.

Here’s an example of what you’ll be able to see:

PBS runs promoted tweets nearly every week, and we have extensive experience setting them up and monitoring them.

Please take advantage of what promoted tweets can do for your campaign, and also our experience with using them! Feel free to contact Kevin Dando ( for tips if and when you are setting up a Twitter campaign.