Digital Digest: Prized Assets

By Brionne Griffin, PBS Digital Marketing Associate

In an attempt to make Twitter’s service as appealing to the non-techie user as it already is to its tech-savvy user, Twitter’s reinvented mobile app will launch sometime after Apple releases its iOS 7 software Wednesday. In addition to a design that favors visual graphics over text, the new app is also expected to splice the single tweet stream into a few separate feeds for media such as photos, TV-related ads, and perhaps a TV-exclusive stream. If we’re lucky.

Need a little good news to put some extra pep in your step this morning? Well, this just in: A TV channel is still a prized asset. As if you didn’t already know this, now it’s official, thanks to science. With the handful of new TV channels springing up this year, one thing is obvious: people everywhere still desire broadcast TV and openly welcome it into their homes. 

Gone are the days of Facebook contests requiring a separate application manager. And long gone are the days when asking people to like or comment on a picture in order to enter your contest was frowned upon. Now, thanks to its updated Pages Terms, Facebook is allowing businesses to collect entries via page posts and page messages, as well as using likes as a voting tool. For a quick list of do’s and don’ts, scroll to the end of the full article: New Facebook Contest and Promotion Rules.