The Art of Analytics: COVE Event Tracking

By Kate Alany | Sr. Manager of Digital Analytics | PBS Digital

I’ve received a few questions recently about tracking COVE data in Google Analytics, specifically tracking Events. Many of you are working hard to make sure you’re tracking your video portal and I’m excited to be able to help in whatever way possible. Please feel free to reach out directly with specific questions!

We recommend setting up and using Event tracking for your COVE portal since it allows you to get information (beyond page views) about your video portal, like:
  • Number of video plays
  • Plays by player type
  • Duration
For a little background, an Event in Google Analytics can track virtually anything a user does on your website. For instance, an Event can occur when a user clicks something (e.g., the Share button in the player) or when the system performs an action (e.g., a video loads in a player). We have defined a series of Events that allow us to track COVE video usage, and the best part is that it’s already incorporated into the COVE Admin tool.

I recently spoke to Wisconsin Public Television's David Dickinson (who is very experienced with Event tracking). He said that, “WPT uses COVE Event tracking to determine what videos are most and least popular with our users, and we then adjust our promotions accordingly. We also use Event tracking on our schedule pages, which have links to associated premiums available for purchase. At a quick glance, we can see which premiums are most popular with our users and easily see how much traffic we're driving to our online store from our schedule.”

Obviously, there are lots of things you can do with Event tracking, but for today, we’re going to focus first on how to implement COVE Event tracking, and then where you can find the data in Google Analytics.

To get COVE Event tracking set up, it just takes a few simple steps:

1. If you haven’t already, set up a Google Analytics account for your video portal. You’ll want this separate from your main site Google Analytics account because your video portal is on a separate domain.

2. Now, all you need is your video portal Google Analytics UA code and access to the COVE Admin tool. You’ll enter the same UA code for COVE in both the “GA page tracking” and “GA Event tracking” fields in the Admin tool.
Click here to see how to insert UA code in the COVE Admin tool

3. It will take about 24 hours for data to appear, and here’s how to access it:
Click here for instructions on finding your COVE Event data in Google Analytics

If you have any questions or trouble getting started, please get in touch!