Beyond the BBQ: How #localPBS Celebrates Labor Day

Compiled by Brionne Griffin, PBS Digital Marketing Associate 

After conducting an exhaustive round of intel-gathering from folks around the office, examining hoards of data, and charting trends, I can say with confidence that BBQ-ing is the Labor Day activity du jour for people around here. I'm sure that surprises exactly no one. So here's a list of the fun things people from stations around the country are doing to celebrate:

Nicole Rohr
Interactive Content Editor/Producer | WYCC

"I'm training for my first half marathon, so it's going to be a lot of running and fundraising…September is always training for some type of race for me and this year, I'll be running on the lake shore path in Chicago with CCFA Team Challenge."

Jay Boeding
Corporate Relations Representative | IPTV

"I plan to get some riding in along the Neal Smith Trail at Saylorville Lake just outside Des Moines."

Mallorie Cloum
TV Operations Manager/Social Media Updater | WNIN

"I’ve been away at school for a few years, so I’ve missed out on quite a few Labor Days family parties… but generally, my family will get together & grill/eat, talk way too much, and hang out for hours. It’s a lot of fun to just get to be around family for the day. I’m really looking forward to being able to do so this year.

Chris Sweet
Manager of Digital Media | MPBN

"I'll be at Fenway Park in Boston for the Red Sox vs. Tigers. Here's a pic of me at Fenway from September 2009. This is a rare day game on a Monday, so Boston will be hopping."

Justine Moore
Web Developer | CET Connect

"Essentially, it's the two R's and a PRest, Relaxation, Puppy Wrangling. We're 'dog foster parents,' so we'll be spending the weekend getting these babies socialized and ready for adoptions!"

Montana West
Integrated Media Producer | NHPTV

"This Labor Day, I plan to celebrate by gathering with friends to socialize, grill, and quaff my birthday present, a fine selection of IPA's (Thank you wife!)! Happy birthday to me!"