Introducing: Scott Willey

Describe your role on the PBS Digital team.
I am the Associate Manager of Digital Video Entrepreneurship in Digital Studios. I help stations produce original web videos that engage not only their local communities, but also potentially larger national audiences.

How will the digital world change over the next few years?
The digital world will continue to become more personalized and targeted. The sheer amount of information we are bombarded with online will make it increasingly important for digital aggregators to personalize the content we consume.

What is the one website you can’t live without?
YouTube, but it is definitely a love-hate relationship.

What book do you think every person needs to read?
Everyone reading this blog should read The Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser and The Victory Lab by Sasha Issenberg. Both books examine how online data is fundamentally changing how we consume information.

What is your favorite mobile app and why?
Mailbox, because it is very satisfying to have no e-mails in my inbox.

Describe your perfect weekend.
Walk around DC, go to a baseball game, and spend time with friends, taking pictures along the way.

If you could have a Google Hangout with any person, who would it be?
Chuck Klosterman. We would probably talk a lot about reality TV’s impact on society.

Describe the internet in one word.