Twitter Tuesday: From Twitter to TV and Back

By Brionne Griffin, PBS Digital

How do you get more people to turn on the TV and watch your programs? Meet them where they’re at. In this case, we're talking about Twitter. A recent Nielsen study confirmed for the first time that Twitter chatter does, in fact, drive viewers to tune-in to a certain program.

It makes sense, really. Just consider this: Say you’re sitting on your couch watching the same Sports Center “rundown” for the second or third time, when you click open Twitter on your phone to find your news feed all abuzz with Sherlock comments. Feeling left out, and realizing you could very well add your own witty and pun-derful comments to the mix, you find your local PBS channel (saved in your favorites list), and feast your eyes on the latest Sherlock episode.

According to researchers at Nielsen, the two mediums work in tandem, driving traffic to the other. By analyzing real time trends and Tweets for over 200 prime time TV shows, researchers found that a spike in Tweets can increase tune-in, and an increase in TV ratings during an episode can cause people to tweet more often. So why not try it out for yourself? During an airing of a local showor even national for that matterreach out to your viewers via Twitter and ask them questions or give them fun facts about the episode to create a buzz.