Announcing Planet GO!

by Sami Simon, PBS KIDS

We here at PBS KIDS Digital are very excited to introduce a brand new PBS KIDS station module called Planet GO! Some of you may remember Planet GO! as a project created by stations, for stations. The idea was to make a way for member stations to highlight and promote their local events. Through the hard work of many PBS member stations and members of the PBS KIDS Digital team, Planet GO! is now available for implementation on your station website!

Planet GO! is an easy and effective way for you to display local station events to your community. By entering events into the easy-to-use back-end, you can highlight them, display them in a calendar, and allow users to search for them. Planet GO! also lets you display Flickr image sets from other events, highlight corporate sponsors and underwriters, and allow users an easy way to sign up to volunteer, partner, or donate. Provided banner images make it easy for you to link to your station-specific Planet GO! page from your station website. Planet GO! is also fully responsive and viewable on any mobile device’s browser. You can see all of this for yourself by visiting the Planet GO! central website.

Interested in learning more about Planet GO? Visit the Planet GO Confluence Page to learn more about the module, review the toolkit, and learn how you can implement this program for your station website.

If you have questions about Planet GO! or wish to start your own Planet GO! website, feel free to reach out to Sami Simon at

Find it, plan it, GO!