Twitter Tool Tuesday: Twileshare

By Chris Bakes, SPI Intern

Last week, Twitter Tool Tuesday featured Snap Bird, a free tool to search your entire Twitter feed. Read on to learn about another great (and free!) tool in this week's #TTT installment...

What: A fileshare host to distribute documents with the Twittersphere, embedded in 140 characters.

Where: This one’s Twitter-local, but if you sync your Twitter account to other social media outlets, your audience can access the file through your tweet.
When: For those instances when you need to distribute extended info, guidelines, or art and don’t have a site to host.
Why: You get 1GB of free space.

1. Don’t Have a Site to Host Info? No Sweat.
Looking to tease new info or promote an event in its preliminary stages? Maybe your station or brand doesn’t have a page on your website that’s ready for the public view. No problem – you can load a file through Twileshare and tweet it to your followers. The file is hosted on Twileshare and made publicly available through a 30-character link. This still leaves you with 110 characters to give a one-sentence descriptor of what the file is and why your followers should check it out.

Given that everything on Twileshare is public (read: not for internal company documents), this is a great tool for hosting public visual content, like posters or images.

2.  Maximize Exposure on Twileshare’s Homepage
Because everything you host on Twileshare is public, you can maximize the eyes on your work. Twileshare’s homepage lists the most recent uploads to the hosting database, revealing a smorgasbord of files that may or may not be related to your interests. The value in including an untargeted audience (all Twileshare users, as opposed to the targeted users – your followers) is that you can expand your network. Perhaps a user who would love to watch the new POV documentary happens to open your poster.

Word to the wise: Twileshare lists your document in its stream as the title you save locally. To make your file stands out in the Twileshare stream, make sure the document title is clear. Titling your document “Ken Burns - Movie Poster” will garner more clicks than “kenbmovposter.”

3. One GB of Free Space

Need we say more? Relatively speaking, 1GB isn’t huge – portable drives the size of your fingernail often hold at least 2GB. But keep in mind that you won’t be hosting video files on Twileshare, and that you’ll be updating your roster of content as you remove old files and upload the newest content. Given the often-restricting 140-character limit, 1GB sounds pretty spacious to me.