Twitter Tool Tuesday: Tweriod

By Chris Bakes, SPI Intern

Last week, Twitter Tool Tuesday featured, a free tool to see who engages you most, who to reach out to more often, and a rundown of your weekly activity.

What: A timing tracker that shows when your followers are most likely to be engaged.
Where: This one’s a Twitter exclusive.
When: For scheduling content, so your message reaches the largest possible audience.
Why: Maximize tweet impressions and stop scheduling tweets in the dark. This tool might as well be renamed “HootSuite’s best friend.”

Know When to Schedule

The tricky part about scheduling tweets is the “when” component. What are the ideal times to schedule tweets for maximum exposure? A quick Google search on the topic reveals hundreds of articles that offer only generalized times for peak Twitter traffic. Luckily, Tweriod generates reports to break down your follower activity. The app’s reports give weekly, daily, and hourly trends–even comparing weekends to weekdays. Tweriod’s data analysis allows you to zoom in and out of your data in order to identify when you should be tweeting.

Question & Answer

Many engage followers by posing questions on Twitter. To that end, we all dread an inquiry that garners no replies. Even the most intriguing questions send only an unrequited echo if no one’s online to see them, as if trees falling in an empty forest. Tweriod helps you avoid forlorn questions, recommending the best times to ask based on your followers’ reply history.

Reverberating Tweets
Tweriod not only tracks replies , but also graphs the times when your followers are engaged online, even if they’re not necessarily engaged with you. Knowing when your followers are more likely to see your tweet will help you to learn when you’re most likely to be retweeted.