Twitter Tool Tuesday: Mentionmapp

Last week, Twitter Tool Tuesday covered Hootsuite, a free scheduling and monitoring tool. Read on to learn about another great (and free!) tool in this week's #TTT installment...

What: An interactive tool that creates virtual “neighborhoods”
           based on your Twitter mentions
Where: This one’s exclusively for Twitter
Why: To strengthen and expand your network

1.  Maintain & Strengthen Your Current Twitter Bonds
Identify folks with whom you've interacted and maintain a regular conversation with them. They can be your best allies on Twitter–every time they tweet at you or retweet you, they’re sharing your content with their network. And, with some witty language and relevant content on your part, hopefully someone from their network will either follow you or retweet you to yet another network.

2. Curate Your Twitter Associations
Are you surprised by the other handles your account has mentioned most frequently? Identifying the handles with which your station is associated will give you a more holistic picture of how your followers perceive you. Use that information to assess if your work on Twitter lines up with your digital strategy. Are some of the accounts you’ve mentioned detracting from your messaging? If so, start exploring other users to engage.

3. Explore Different Neighborhoods & Make New Neighbors
Is there a Twitter handle you want to interact with? Identify some of your followers with whom you interact, and pull up their map using the search bar. Then do a little sleuthing: which handles seem similar to the follower you searched? Who do you think you can learn from? Who creates high-quality content that aligns with your ethos? Strike up a conversation! We can all learn from each other on Twitter, and hopefully your interactions with a new handle will bring both of you some new buzz.

By Christopher Bakes, SPI Intern