Twitter Tool Tuesday:

By Chris Bakes, SPI Intern
Last week, Twitter Tool Tuesday featured TwileShare, a free tool to host and send files via tweets. Read on to learn about another great (and free!) tool in this week's #TTT installment...

What: A community tracking powerhouse, this dynamic Rolodex gives you the faces behind your analytics.
Where: Just for Twitter, this app and sorts and parses your followers and engagement.
When: Whenever, wherever.
Why: distills your Twitter landscape and delivers recommendations for next steps.

1. Identify Heavy-Hitting Advocates
Your dashboard’s left sidebar is your compass for The first section–“Relationships”–breaks your most engaged followers into three categories of High-Value Members: Influencers, Supporters, and Engaged. Influencers are your heavy-hitters: they’re the folks who regularly engage with you and have sizeable networks on Twitter. Some regular Twitter-banter with them means more overall engagement and more eyes on your 140-character wit. Check your newest followers (instructions in next section)–odds are, they came from your influencers.

2. Track Follows & Unfollows
The second section in the left sidebar combs through your followers. A new feature and personal favorite of mine is the “Consider to Re-Engage” subsection. tracks people who were formerly in your High-Value members section and suggests starting dialogue anew.

Under the “Followers” section, tracks your latest followers, as well as the most recent people to jump ship. Losing followers isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Open your “New Unfollowers” list and work through the data. Are your latest unfollowers mostly spambots? Do your latest followers belong to the demographic you strive to reach? The newest followers/unfollowers tool can illuminate how you’re keeping on track with your digital strategy.

 3. Reports, Reports, Reports

There are two tabs dividing the top-center of your profile: “Dashboard” and “Reports.” Head over to the reports section to generate free summaries for activity and engagement for the past three days. For the analytics junkie, the reports tool gives you a
snapshot of your handle’s highlights for the past few days and compares those figures to the preceding period. You can track both raw figures (number reached, mentions, and retweets for example) as well as percentages (52 percent increase in impressions, 76 percent increase in mentions). While not comprehensive, these are key data points that you can quickly review and incorporate into your objectives for the next week.