Fourth of July, #localPBS style

By Brionne Griffin, PBS Digital

Sure, we all know PBS' annual "A Capitol Fourth" airs Thursday, celebrating our nation's birthday with all the pomp and grandeur one would expect from the nation's capital.

You can even print out official "A Capitol Fourth" posters to give your cubicle that extra patriotic razzmatazz we all so deeply long for.

But perhaps you aren't as aware of the myriad ways stations around our great nation are celebrating the 4th of July in true #localPBS style. Here's a taste of what's going on in your neck of the woods:

KQED Pop editors Emmanuel and Lizzy celebrate the 4th.

Head over to KQED Pop, a daily pop culture blog that'll fill you in on the Five Ways to Show America You Love Her on her 237th birthday. Because, let's be real, what do you get the country that has (almost) everything? With tips like "take July 5th off," and "memorize as much of the Constitution as you can and recite it to strangers," as long as you follow KQED's tips, you're in for a 4th of July to remember!

Or, thanks to Alabama Public TV, you could memorize the Declaration of Independence and recite to strangers. In no time at all, you'll have the whole Declaration memorized and ready to recite for any unassuming passerby who has the privilege of hearing your masterful delivery.

A Cali-style burger.

What was that? Did I hear you say you wanted a Fourth of July cookout reminiscent of the freshest California cuisine? Well thanks to these delicious recipes from our friends at KCET, you can have a Cali-style cookout no matter where you are.

WNET and Nature present American Eagle, the ultimate bird's eye view into the life of an American icon. A true story of triumph, this episode documents the eagle's return from near extinction and the daily struggles this bird encounters. Now what's more patriotic than that?

Fun Fourth of July Family Traditions
Want to know the curious July 4th traditions of communities around America? They're not your typical fireworks and backyard BBQs. From a six-mile foot race, to a Festival of Candles, these 4th of July traditions may just persuade you to forgo the BBQ in light of a new Independence day tradition. Maybe. But the best part is, you can add your own traditions at the bottom of the page!

Rocky Mountain PBS sprinkled in some 4th of July crafts to their "The Kid in You" Pinterest board. Fancy a patriotic Mason jar? Or perhaps a 4th of July hand print flag? Find all that and more DIY fun just in time for America's big day!

And from all of us in the SPI team, we hope you have a Fourth of July weekend that is as festive as fireworks and as great as grilling. Thank you for all you do!