Social Media Spotlight: Why You Should Take a Second Look at Google+

Hi again, stations!

In this month’s PBS Social Media Spotlight, we want to focus on a social media venue that your station may or may not be paying attention to–but should: Google+.

G+ is growing increasingly important as a social media outlet you and your station should use more frequently, especially because of how vigorously Google is integrating G+ content into its other products, including YouTube and, most importantly, search engine results.

In short, if you post more than 2-3 items a day onto your station’s G+ page, they will show up in the right rail of search results when someone searches for your station.

Give it a try right now: go search for PBS on Google and see what happens–you should find our most recent posts on G+ right there on the right side of the page–even if they were posted only minutes ago.
Also, we’ve heard first-hand that Google is going to place even more importance on G+ products and content later this year. If you’ve been on the sidelines about having a Google+ presence, it’s time to make a change.

We have some tips and background that might be helpful in considering how to move forward with G+ here: Our first recommendation is to sign up for tech guru/evangelist Guy Kawasaki’s extremely handy and practical G+ tips newsletter.

Check out PBS’s G+ page.

And NewsHour’s G+ page.

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Let us know if you have any questions about Google+ or anything else about social media. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please feel free to contact Kevin Dando (@kdando) or Natalie Benson (@NatalieNBenson) by emailing with the subject "Social Media."