Bento Academy Launch

By José Fernández, Product Deployment Manager

This week the SPI team is launching a virtual training academy that will initially train PBS Member Stations on Bento. Soon, the virtual academy will also include courses in COVE and Merlin.

The virtual Bento academy will consist of three levels:

Bento Certified User (BCU): Launching July 1st
Bento Certified Master (BCM): Launching Summer 2013
Bento Certified Trainer (BCT): Launching Summer 2013

The virtual training will consist of a combination of Power Points, videos, and quizzes. Throughout each level of the course, users will be asked to build this Bento Sample Site from the ground up, giving users hands-on experience with Bento prior to embarking on their own station sites. 

This section is the first step in learning how to use Bento. The series of courses is designed for anyone at a station, including interns, producers, digital and non-digital staff members, who need to update all or part of the website(s).  

This advanced series is geared towards programmers, developers, webmasters and designers at PBS Member Stations who are looking to customize their Bento site to their own look and feel, as well as create custom smart snippets.

The Bento Certified Trainer tutorial section is the final tier in the Bento Academy and is designed for the person charged with overall management and organization of their station's website(s). This section will focus on the more administrative concepts and functionalities available in Bento.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your SPI Representative. If you aren't sure who that is, please email

Last updated 12:23PM EST, July 1, 2013