Merlin Webinar Series Recap

By: Jen Carter, PBS Digital

In hopes of better acquainting stations with existing PBS products and services, the Station Products & Innovation (SPI) team began its recent round of product webinars by discussing Merlin. Last week, the team hosted the final installment of the Merlin webinar series.

For those unfamiliar with Merlin, it enables stations to leverage their content on the national platform, It is also leveraged on the PBS mobile apps, as well as by other topic specific initiative such as PBS Food, Black Culture Connection, and collections, which appear on multiple areas and platforms. The admin tool is part of two major products, COVE 2.0 and Bento, which will enhance PBS Member Stations' digital presence.

In part 1 of the series, titled The Magic of Merlin, the SPI team explained how Merlin is leveraged across the national platform. A brief demo on how to create objects for Merlin was also included in part 1, along with a discussion on how Merlin is integrated into other PBS products.

  • You can view the recorded archive of the presentation here.
  • To go along with the recording, you can also download the deck here.

In part 2 of the series, titled Bento Meets Merlin, the team shared how Bento queries the Merlin catalog of local and national content, then showcased some content and editorial best practices. Part 2 closed with answers to stations' questions about all PBS products and services.

  • You can download the archive recording and deck used during the presentation here.
View our Merlin Resource Center for more information.

We have several upcoming webinars and standing onboardings. These meetings will help improve knowledge-sharing around exhibiting products and feature enhancements that are available to stations. Please view the upcoming list below. Also check out our weekly newsletter and professional development calendar, located on the SPI Blog, for more opportunities to learn about and grow in our product and service offerings.

Understanding Organic Search Data in Google Analytics
April 19, 2013: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET
Does the deluge of data on your Google Analytics account make you want to run for the hills? This Lunch and Learn will cover how to decode and understand organic search data.

COVE Onboarding (takes place every Thursday)
April 18, 2013: 2-3:30PM ET

COVE Onboarding
April 25, 2013: 2-3:30PM ET

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