Whatever Happened To Kristin Calhoun?

A conversation with the new Executive Director of the Public Media Platform

Q:  Kristin!  You don’t call, you don’t write, what’s been happening with you since you left the super awesome SPI team?
A:  SPIs!  I do miss you, but I’ve been having lots of fun at my new Public Media Platform gig. I’ve been learning about


How to run a Board Meeting:

And how to set up an all in one copy/fax/print/scanner!

Q:  Wow, we’re jealous.  What’s up next for you and the Public Media Platform?
A:  The PMP partners and I have been working hard to establish the PMP.  Work has begun on the PMP API.  NPR is building this new API and they’re using the existing NPR Story API as a starting point.  The PMP API is like its engine and, once in place, rights management and business rule layers will be added to it.

Q:  Kind of like a cake?
A:  No, but it will be sweet!

Q:  Does the PMP like the Bento B.I.T. Robot?
A:  Like B.I.T.?  Of course!  The PMP's even going to be able to talk it's language, so if you're using Bento, you'll be able to easily search/surface content available via the PMP (and share your content via the PMP if you so chose).  It's that easy.

Q:  We’d like some cake..
A:  That is not a question, but how about this – we’re holding a system wide webinar about the Public Media Platform next Tuesday (March 19th) at 4pm ET.  Here are the deets:

Breaking Down Barriers:  The Public Media Platform Webinar
March 19th, 4pm – 5pm ET
There’s a new org in town...  Built upon years of planning and piloting the Public Media Platform is a groundbreaking initiative whose goal is to create easy and new ways for all of #pubmedia to deliver the best of what we do to the public. Join the founding members of the Public Media Platform for an in-depth discussion about why this effort, happening now, will create new possibilities for innovation and collaboration for all of us. Register here.

Q:  Will there be cake?
A:  Sigh...