Three New Bento Modules Deployed

By: José Fernández, PBS Digital

Event Calendar Plugin

The Event Calendar plugin uses the Google Calendar to allow users to display events on their Bento site. The Event Calendar works in both the right rail and in the main content areas. This module requires a user to have a free Google account, where all of the events are created. Users then enter the email address associated with their Google calendar in order to display their calendar on their Bento site.

Photo Gallery Plugin

The Photo Gallery plugin has two parts, the main Photo Gallery, which is placed on a page, and a Photo Gallery Promotion module, which allows users to display a few images and link back to the main Photo Gallery. The promo module works in both the right rail and the main feature well. The plugin allows users to add a title and tease line to the Photo Gallery. Metadata for each image is updated in the Filer section of the Bento admin.

Video Collection Smart Snippet

The Video Collection smart snippet allows users to create a carousel of videos that dynamically change when a site visitor clicks on a thumbnail image. The Video Collection Featured smart snippet includes the COVE Video player and a carousel of videos. The Video Collection List smart snippet is an optional extension of the Video Collection smart snippet, displaying additional videos in a cascading, three-column format. The Video Collection List smart snippet can only be used in conjunction with the Video Collection smart snippet (but remains optional). The Video Collection List smart snippet on its own does not function. Further, placing any module between the Video Collection and the Video Collection List smart snippets will render the List smart snippet invalid.