Tech Tip: Co-mingling COVE and YouTube

 By: José Fernández, PBS Digital

We get the question all the time, “Should my content be on COVE or YouTube?”

What about both?

Each platform offers tremendous flexibility for stations. We feel that in order to gain the most traction out of your content, you should actively use both platforms. However, you don’t have to post every video twice.  We suggest looking at your current audience and deciding which content would be better suited for the platform in question. Ask yourself: what is your goal? Is it to engage with your current audience? Or is it to gain new audience members?

Whatever you decision, here is a quick rundown of the benefits of each platform:

·         Access to vast library of local and national content shared among stations
·         Instant mobile/web promos, like mobile only premiers
·         Exclusive Station-branded channel on native PBS mobile, Xbox, and Roku apps
·         National content/traffic lives within your station’s experience
·         Integration with Merlin and Bento
·         Easy social sharing
·         Easy Google analytics tracking plays across the web
·         Embeddable segments
·         Underwriting
·         Donate now button
·         DVD link off to your shopping cart
·         Itunes Link
·         GEO block as needed
·         Instant SEO back to your website
·         You control related videos
·         Promote your station on the largest video sharing site on the planet
·         Easy social sharing
·         Customizable pages
·         Track views
·         Embeddable segments
·         Opportunities to monetize
·         PBS Digital Studios initiative
·         Searchable content on YouTube apps across mobile, Roku, and Xbox  (however, intermixed with all videos on YouTube)
·         Familiar platform for viewers to navigate
·         Save and favorite videos for later
·         Part of the Google ecosystem