Bento Nation: KACV Educates Bento

Beau Waldrop, KACV
 By: Jen Carter, PBS Digital

Welcome to another installment of our Bento Nation Series. Last week we shared our conversation with WNIN's Jacob Johnson, who helped to launch the first fully-hosted site on Bento. This week we present Beau Waldrop (left), Web Communications Specialist at KACV in Amarillo, TX. You may have met Beau in our first Bento testimonials video.

KACV was tasked with designing a GED initiative microsite, focused on local Texas Graduate (below) relevant content and resources. KACV is also close to launching a local Kids and Parents site which will incorporate many of Bento's new and improved features.

Read on to learn more about his experiences, and stay tuned for more Bento magic from KACV.

1. Why did your station attend a Bento training? 

One of our main goals at KACV is to create more content exclusively for the web. With a staff of around 15, it’s really difficult to find the time to do so. Bento saves us time by eliminating some backend work as well as the time it takes to look for content from National programs to place on our site.

2. How have you continued building your site after the initial launch? How have you grown your site since you’ve launched (i.e. built additional Bento sites…)? 

I’ve built two microsites with Bento so far. The first one was for a GED initiative. That site has remained static and hasn’t grown much since its launch. That said, as we come up with more resources, I add them to the site. The site I’m currently preparing for launch is a microsite for Kids and Parents which will incorporate a lot more of Bento's features, such as the blog.

3. What is your favorite feature available in Bento now? 

I love being able to take content from Merlin and COVE and place it on a site using a smart snippet. It’s a huge time saver and allows us to incorporate more national content on our site.

KACV's Texas Graduate Bento Site
4. Is your station undertaking any major initiatives in the coming months? Are you planning to use Bento to enhance any of those initiatives? If so, how? If not, why? 

We are currently in the early stages of redesigning and a local arts website. As of now, we haven’t decided whether we will use Bento or not. But with the recent rollout of the responsive template [more on PBS Explorer template here], we are certainly seriously considering it.

5. If you could give only one piece of advice to stations thinking of a site migration what would it be? 

I would say if you are planning on using it for your main website, consider building a microsite first. I’ve learned a lot from building two microsites and there are plenty of things I will do differently next time. 

6. If you had to describe Bento in 140 characters what would you say? 

Something for everybody. Bento is amazing.

Bento Nation is an on-going series that features pub media stations and the many ways they are using Bento to meet their digital needs. 

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